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So it makes me very paranoid whenever I am not getting tags nowadays. Probably because of certain things that have happened recently. I just feel like maybe people have heard stuff about me and have just decided that they don't want to thread with me. Which is totally fine; it's their choice. It's just kind of sad, you know? I mean, you need two people at least to make a thread and if no one tags then of course the thread just doesn't happen at all.

It makes me feel sad that things that have happened in the past are really coming back to haunt me and my friends in more ways than one and they make making friends, relating to people and RPing with them kind of inconvenient. It sucks a lot that things just aren't as easy as they used to be.

Today was my last day of vacation and I really wanted to RP today but that didn't happen. I'm just kind of disappointed, which is probably pathetic because hello~! Obviously people have a life. Maybe you should also stop being selfish and do something else instead.

It's just sad. I'm getting back on the RP groove and I want to do this but no one really to do it with when I really want to. And of course there's still the paranoia and the loss of confidence. 


I wish I could have RP'd today.
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Wow. Sorry for neglecting this blog though I have a feeling no one is reading this anyway. I just thought I'd say "sorry" anyway, at the oft chance that someone actually waits for updates for this thing. 

It's been months since my last entry and a lot of stuff has happened between then and now and I don't really feel like rehashing everything. I don't think I have the stamina for such a task anyway. 'Bad enough that this entry is so late, right? So yeah. Stuff happened and now I'm here again after so long. 

The past few months, I have kept on RPing mostly through AIM/MSN and also tried my hand at stuff over here at Dreamwidth. Memes and things. Nothing very formal. I still feel that games aren't for me, even the slowest ones, because as said before, I just never can seem to stay interested in a game for long. I guess it's better through AIM/MSN since I'm sort of, kind of forced to respond right away. And that's great, that's awesome, because then my ADHD for writing tags don't get triggered, which I guess happens when I have to wait a while between replies. Now, I understand people have lives and there are also reasons why responses aren't being done in a timely manner, but the breaks between tags does affect how I feel like responding to them at times. I just... Lose interest after a while. And it's kind of sad, but that's just what happens. 

I've just been so lazy with RPing lately outside of AIM/MSN. I think my confidence has really flagged when it comes to taking out my characters and playing with them. They hardly get responses (unless it's Prussia. FOR SOME STRANGE REASON. Though I guess he is so obnoxious people just decide to tag him.) and I guess that's what discourages me. I know that's silly, I should just "RP for myself" and all that, but it's hard when people just don't respond. And what sucks even more is when they do and then I can't find the interest to tag back. So I don't post anywhere, because what if people tag me and I just don't feel like tagging them back? So I just end up not posting and then I have these moments when I go, "UGH I WANT TO POST" but I don't anyway. It's a vicious cycle. It sucks. A lot.

And is it just me or are people pickier now? Like, people just in general play with people they know or just tag certain characters. Of course it's fine if you do this, I can't control who you tag and why, but it's just kind of disheartening for people who want to RP with someone new or just want to try stuff out. I dunno, it feels to me like it was just easier to RP before. Back when I just posted for myself and just had the interest and stamina to tag everyone and anyone. Oh, those good ole days~

I'm just musing about it, though. I tried to think of why I'm not as involved in RP as I was a year ago and I figured it's RL stuff. I finally got a job after so long and I was seeing my RL friends more. RP pretty much became my life back when I was still recovering from my illness and had absolutely nothing to do and didn't have the stable health to get out and do a lot of things.And now here I am with some kind of life outside of RP stuff and it's kind of nice. It pulls me away from the computer for some time and that's kind of jarring, but it's nice. 

So what about RPing? I still like doing it, but it seems like I don't have what it takes to commit to it as much as I did before and I guess that's fine, though at times I miss it so freaking much and it's kind of sad I can't do more of it because of different reasons. That's it, really.
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I've been getting ideas on stuff that I want to write lately, between amassing AUs and muses doing their thing, so I thought I'd finally writethemdown somewhere. When will these be written? I don't know, but hopefully soon. owo;

  • The Queen is sad about the way his latest batch of Spades-themed cupcakes came out. The King comes by and eats them anyway, saying they aren't that bad. Happens during the "courting" stage.
  • Threats have been made against the Queen's life and a close call makes the King more protective (and clingier) than usual.
  • Something with the cats and the Queen being very maternal.
  • The Queen starting to prepare for their potential babies by starting to knit and embroider things. (I find it amusing that all this discussion of babies still makes me think of mpreg. XD; Not that we're going down that route, but it's just funny to think about.)
  • **** In relation to the Cardverse in general, I've been talking to Riva about headcanon on the Cardverse and we've thought up stuff forthe Diamonds and some general stuff on all of the kingdoms. I should write them all down somewhere sometime. (Also, I think Imay be growing a Diamond King muse. >_> Hello, King Francis~)
Sweet Devil
  • Devil's Morning aka What it's like for Devil nowadays as he struggles with a broken heart, getting up on mornings and the other Englands in the head space. It'll include most of the Englands! Should be fun.
  • I still want to write about how Devil and Jersey met, but given how they are nowadays... Hmm.
  • Devil being kind of adopted by Japan and Japan introducing him to the world of Dating Sims. And thus begins more of Devil's escapism. I think I just want to write this to let my Japan muse out a little and unleash his Japanese-otakuness. ("2D is better, Devir-san.")
  • Something with Devil's fire powers. Because apparently he has them.
  • Devil reading Gravitation and getting BAWWWW feelings because PARALLELS. AND SATANDAMMIT THEY END UP TOGETHER. ;~; (Though Jersey writing romance novels is HILARIOUS. Devil would totally love being a rockstar.)
  • Devil hanging out with the Queen (they're close, really) and making toys for the King and Queen's future bitties. Devil's toys aren' t really... age-appropriate for kids.
  • **** Devil obviously holds all my FEELS right now and these are things I come up with while dealing with them. Yeah. Bear with me for a while.
Other Stuff
  • PRUSSIA'S DEAR MUN POST OMG >_< SO OVERDUE. I even let Devil win their scuffle for the opportunity. Devil totally cheated.
  • SpUK Gakuen drabble based on this picture. Kind of like a study on their contrasts.
  • Something with this Gakuen AU that I still want to do where Arthur gets his turn in having a (unrequited?) crush on Alfred. First words of this are along the lines of "Alfred F. Jones is a fucking arse." Classic USUK Gakuen fic, I think lol
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So I managed to write Devil's thing.

I don't know if managing to do so made things easier or not. Probably not as his characterization's kind of solidified. I don't think I can turn him back into being sexy and playful so easily and as I may have admitted before, I don't think I want to. And it's a dilemma. Which probably shouldn't really be, but it is.

/pulls at hair!

Sometimes, characters taking lives of their own can be so inconvenient.

I guess we'll just have to see what happens.

And it's sad how I want to RP, but then no memes interest me and I have ideas but then I forget them or no one else wants to do them with me. OTL Maybe I should start writing down my ideas more often.
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  • First and foremost, I finally broke and got myself a Tumblr. I just thought it'd be fun and a lot of my favorite fic authors and friends had Tumblrs so I thought, well, why not? It's been so much fun and I was particularly happy when I was right on time for SpUK day. *w* All the new SpUK art~ <3
  • Second, LOOKIT MY NEW LAYOUT FOR MY MUSEBOX! Isn't it cuuuuute? Well, I think it is, even if it's kind of simple. Just very neat with grays and pinks and I love the texture. I look at it and want to touch it, lol.
  • Third, I plan to write something for Devil!England tomorrow or just sometime this weekend, because he has so many feelings lately. Long story short, he and Jersey are kind of in an uncertain place due to Devil's change in characterization. He's just gotten so different from how he was at first and it looks like Jersey's not interested anymore. So yes. Our feelings. They must be expressed. I'll probably post it on the musebox.  OTL What is with these Englands having relationship problems with their Americas?!  Which reminds me I have yet to continue with my epic muse post >_> Gah.
  • And finally (?), in relation to me writing for Devil, I have this urge to write fic again so I'll... Probably... Do that. Probably. I'm intimidated because I haven't done it in 5ever~ And I might just attempt doing a 30-day challenge thing over at Tumblr and it's intimidating and GAAAAH. And which to write for? SpUK? USUK? Is it possible for me to write for both? Bwuuuuuh. Anyway! We'll see!
  • Real finally! I hope I can also get around to RPing this weekend. I've kind of been ignoring tags, I know, but well. I WANT TO RP. Let's see what happens. Again.
  • Maybe I should also change my layout for this blog. HMMMM.
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I've wanted to write here for so long, but it seems like I never really know what to say. Or that I haven't really been sure about what I want RP-wise. Things have just been so busy and complicated lately, so RPing has been up in the air though I have been doing it. I've just been thinking about what it is that I really want to do and given some recent developments, I've really been giving this a lot of thought. Now that I sort of have an idea, I had to get out of bed to actually write all of this down while I still feel like doing it. It's almost 1am, I have work in a few hours, but what the hell. I don't think this'll let me sleep unless I let it out:
  • I've been reading fluffy, happy USUK fics lately because I felt like I needed cheering up and after being converted to this pairing, I've really fallen in love with the possibilities of England and America. For those who are interested in fluffy, happy, kinda sappy USUK fic, and if you like AUs like me, I recommend Hidden Verse, Hidden Heart by ChampagneSly and its sequels and The Gentleman and the Hero by Teenage Mouse. The first one is peppered with poetry. Now, usually, I don't care much for poetry, but this piece has reminded me of why I care for it sometimes. Plus the writing is excellent and I've always thought England trying to woo America in subtle but romantic ways (that fly over his head for a while) is really, really cute. Meanwhile, Teenage Mouse was able to capture England and America's voices were they in high school and well, I've always been a sucker for high school settings. All the drama and the hormones, you know? BUT ANYWAY. RP. YES. I want to RP fluffy, happy, kinda sappy USUK or UKUS, whatever. Preferably in a domestic setting. Canon or AU, doesn't matter. I just want them to be happy and in love and co-existing as peacefully as America and England can, given who they are.
  • Due to my buddy Hidekaz being around again with new content, Prussia and Spain (and France! And America, too) have kinda been going around, wanting my attention. I really want to make one of Prussia's EPIC WALL OF TEXT [community profile] dear_mun entries soon and he's rearing to go too, wanting to bust my chops about ignoring him and my so-called disorganization about this RP thing. SO UNAWESOME. Spain has been awake lately too and worming his way back with that handsome mug, DAT ASS and Hidekaz's hints of his double nature. I want my Spaniard back! And France, well. France has been lurking a lot more since I let him out over at the meme a few times, so hopefully that'd develop into something. As for America, it's those fics again. I think they're really helping me get his voice back and I can't wait to let him out again, though I still feel kind of nervous about that. I've played with amazing Americas, you know? 'Can't help but feel intimidated somewhat, haha... I also hope to be able to do canon review. Sometime. Yuz. Why does canon review have to be so hard??!
  • Cesare. Man, I want to do something with him so bad. The second season of The Borgias gave him such major developments and I have some icons, so I just need to upload those. Maybe even make him new ones. Same goes for Jon and Steve. These three give me such a hard time. Just... How do you guys talk!? That's mostly my problem with them, really. It doesn't help I've seen amazing RPers of these three. In the end, it all boils down to insecurity.
  • I also want to change the layout of my musebox. I just feel bored staring at it sometimes. I'll probably look for something over at LJ and use the override. I haven't been looking around nowadays, but LJ seems to still have the best layout communities. Correct me if I'm wrong. If any of you know where I can find nice DW layouts, please let me know.
  • A game?  I have said it once and I'll say it many times more, I suck at staying in games. I guess having to build CR with many characters is a bit draining for me and honestly, I do get bored easily, so they're still probably not for me. I'm not closing  my doors, though. Maybe if I find a small game with a premise that I like, maybe I'll be arsed to app and give it a try.
  • Must update icons of muses, tweak characterizations some and write down headcanon stuff, particularly for [personal profile] spadequeen and the Cardverse.
  • And this insanity. What the hell was I thinking attempting something like this? Good luck to me getting down everything that my muses want to say.
  • And shit. Must stop forgetting about Canada! OTL I am a horrible Mundane. I KNOW.

There, Prussia, I am being organized. Can you let me sleep now?  This hobby of mine. It can be a lot of work sometimes... But I love it so I don't really get to complain too much, huh?
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The meme's just been giving me FEELS lately. I have the mind to take a break from it after Prom, which is next Saturday, if I'm not mistaken. Too much wanking, to much WAAAAH WHY DO YOU NOT DO WHAT I WAAAAANT, that feeling of being ignored and unwanted... It's just tiring... Besides, I've got movies piling up and books, too. Also my blog has been neglected for a while now, so it might be a good idea. Might also do other stuff away from the computer (SHOCK.gif). If I have enough money for it, maybe I'll even go and hang out with RL friends. I've just been feeling down and lonely lately. 'Might be ovulating or it just might really be the meme. /mopes

MEANWHILE, on the muses front. If you've seen my updated Muse List for DW, then you're probably aware that we've got new timeshare holders in Ye Ole Headspace. Please welcome Steve Rogers aka Captain America ([personal profile] anoldfashionedhero ), Jon Snow ([personal profile] thebastardsnow ), Cesare Borgia ([personal profile] adversetothecloth ), SweetDevil!England ([personal profile] sweetsweetdevil ), SpadeQueen!England ([personal profile] spadequeen ), Pirate!England ([personal profile] theseasbemine ), Imperial!England ([personal profile] britanniaimperium ), Nyotalia!England ([personal profile] anenglishrose ), Hong Kong ([personal profile] nai_cha ) and America ([personal profile] sincerelyourhero )! A couple of them have been on the meme (even the Captain, though his first appearance was marked with the usual meme wankery which then resulted to me doing canon review and then trying it again for Alex's birthday) and they seem to be doing okay. I'm still all scared about playing with Jon and Cesare. I guess their speaking patterns intimidate me. NOT THAT IT'S STOPPING ME FROM CONTEMPLATING A THOR MUSE. Maybe I just need to do canon review for them too. It's just been so long since I've watched The Borgias and Game of Thrones.

Playing the Captain on the meme has been... a singular experience. I'm glad that people have warmed up to him, though I still feel that I'm a bit shaky at handling him. Maybe that's another reason why I've been reading so much Avengers fic lately. Probably. But anyway. Steve is just the cutest 70-year-old virgin when he's not being all serious as the Captain. It's fun to bounce him off of the Americas and the meme seems happy enough to ship them. Not sure about me shipping them, haha. [personal profile] proteuswings and I have been kind of pairing him up with Daenerys ([personal profile] thedragonsblood ) over at AIM, but I don't know what's going to come out of that as IT'S COMPLICATED.

Hong Kong just decided to pop out after my Hong Kong trip and what little I've done with him have been quite fun. I really should punt him out again sometime so he can be a troll and stuff. He's just lots and lots of fun when he gets going.

America... Was a surprise, though he's been in my head too for the longest time. I've written with him before and I guess he just needed that one last push (which was The Avengers movie, apparently) to bust out like the most awesome of action heroes. I play him a bit more childish, more talkative. I like to think he's a bit faithful to the original material, but at the same time also different in some ways. I love it when he interacts with Englands and they end up in these conversations that's more than their usual bickering. USUK has sucked me in and I love it when his affection for England comes out without it meaning to and then he has no idea what he's going to do lol Oh and he's loud and an attention whore. Last night, he made a Dear_Mun entry complaining about his lack of activity. And I do want to do stuff with  him, but I don't know where and I don't know what. Oh, if only I am the type to be able to have the stamina for games...

Englands. I have too many Englands. Devil!England has been making waves on the meme. People think he's cute, people think he's way too OOC. I figured he'd get that kind of mixed reviews, but I'm not making a big deal out of it. 'Don't need to add to my current funk. The poor thing just wants to play and so I let him, along with making anons cry and molesting Japan. England!England and Pirate!England both have private threads with their respective Americas and I'm having loads of fun with TL;DR tags that I haven't been able to churn out in forever. QueenSpade!England also has his own thread, but it hasn't been replied to yet. Things are going slow with those, but I can wait. I just hope we finish them eventually. Vampire!England and Hunter!America seem to be dating. Or exclusively making out. Yep. After his short appearance over AIM and his imperial demand for his own journal, Imperial!England has decided to be retreat and be quiet. I hardly dare poke him; he might DO STUFF. Meanwhile, Alice is Alice, being tsun, kind of bitter at times, but more refined and reserved and all that, really. I love her interaction with Amelia and I wish for more of that in future. And I look forward to that America ([ profile] daheroyoudserve ) making her happy somehow for Amelia's sake. And I still don't know how to make her happy, exactly. She just seems sad and kind of pissed off that all Alfred wants to do is make her happy to get it over with. So insensitive, lol. Sigh. These Englands.

I am tired and I wish this weekend will just be for relaxing, but I don't think that's happening with a trip to my father's grave tomorrow and other things. /sighs Oh well. 
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 I just haven't had a lot of time or drive for this journal, between RL and RP dramu. There was a bit o dramu, yes, but I really don't want to talk about it. It's kind of been resolved, I guess. It's just about being too emotional and being so deprived for Spain/England. Or something. Yeah. *sighs*


I just wanted to write here because I've missed to answer some stuff on the Meme recently and I wanted to answer them where I could. Maybe I'm also a bit shy about letting people on the meme know about these things? Maybe, aha. I am such a derp. Anyway, moving on again. ON TO THE STUFF!
State what kind of smut you'd like to do:

It's mostly about England because he's been nowadays active nowadays over AIM with [personal profile] proteuswings ' America ([ profile] statusquodebt ). Smut with crossdressing (those maid outfits, lingerie...), toys and maybe food. Aly mentioned something about America being a bottom and submissive and I'm all for that too. I think I'll just be happy about England getting caught in one of his "special nights" where he's all dressed up and ready for some alone time. It becomes not-so-alone time anymore, hahaha. Hmm, maybe even light bondage.

For Denmark, I want that thread with Lightning finished, that one in the shower. Yep. Maybe other ladies, too. 

For Isabel (fem!Spain), she's been on a date with Alex and that's still ongoing. He'll be getting a handjob and I'm really looking forward to that. I actually also wouldn't mind more, but maybe later on. An anon on the meme mentioned something about girl topping from the bottom (?) and Dani's mentioned she'd want to see Alex learning stuff. I think I'm up for that too. Dani and I have been talking and we've sort of ended up maybe making an ot3 (Isabel/Alex/Julchen). I think it'd be pretty hot... I'd love f/f for Isabel too and het, because I've been wanting it for her for so long.

For Julchen, awkward sexy stuff. Maybe with Alex. Probably. Maybe also another woman (Isabel? But how to RP that?). And I still like to torture see her in a wedding dress. Smut in a wedding dress? Sure, haha.

For Canada, I really think the idea of him and Ned would be very, very hot. *_*

For Spain and Prussia... More guys. Sleep with more guys, guys. Heck, sleep with each other. We need more Spain/Prussia in the world.

Pairings you'd like to see/RP:

inb4 Aly says, "SPAIN/ENGLAND!!!" <-- Yes. Still. Never enough of it. Amen.

And I wanna see Canada with Ned. Or America, though I dunno how that'd happen. I bet he'd have better luck with girls, though. I still want to find a willing Taiwan to be his girlfriend. I think it would be cute and I wanna see how the Asians deal with Taiwan having a non-Asian boyfriend. I think I really want to see how the Asians would react for the most part, especially China. "I AM BAD BIG BROTHER! SO BAD! LETTING MEI MEI CAVORT WITH THAT--THAT--!"

Prussia/Austria. Prussia picking on Austria because he rubbus him, despite his denial. Believe it or not. Bride's Austrias are just awesome, what can I say? 

Spain/Austria. Spain/Prussia. Spain/France. Spain/Sweden. /whores pairs Spain with most everyone

Isabel/Julchen. That Rapunzel play audition did it, I swear. Isabel/Alex/Julchen, hahahaha... Though I can already see that end all sad because Alex is in love with America and Isabel and Julchen are never The One(s). This is why they should end up together. Or something like that. Or they could just have a threesome with Austria.

On other news, there's a Nation Pageant going on in the meme. At least it's being organized at the moment. I am hesitant about entering someone, because I'm scared of failing at representing a country that isn't my own, but I thought I'd give it a try anyway. Gotta stop being a wuss about everything, including RP stuff, really. Be aggressive, as my Mom says. So yeah. The other problem is choosing a muse to join up. Canada's already going to play Team Mom and join Alex and Cat'Fred backstage. Uuuuh. Things are pointing towards France, but. HOW DO I FRANCE? Despite what Aly says, I still think I fail at him. OTL He's just so hard to pin down a lot of the time and I have known great Frances. It's hard, yo.

There's also currently a de-age/age up event going on in the Meme right now. Imperio's a babu and Britannia Angel's babysitting. It's cuuuuuuute omg. Riva and I have been talking about Spain/England stuff and I think I've converted her, haha. It's fun to be able to talk about that with someone again...

Also grew some new muses. Not all of them have journals (yet?) though. I now have Hong Kong, Pirate!England, Mochi!England, Fem!England, HalloweenTown!England ([ profile] fangsandscones ), RedPolice!Spain ([personal profile] rojodepolicia ) and Babu!Imperio ([ profile] babumperio ). Probably more to come. I know I already have Empire!England and India lurking around...
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Aly, [personal profile] proteuswings has finally gotten around to posting to the [personal profile] aphanon_meme and no one is probably happier and more amused than me. She's also having lots of fun! This works in a lot of ways, since it means we've got someone new on the meme, a new America, Aly gets to play with new people and enjoy the Hetalia fandom a bit more. I'm happy enough to have her play around on the meme since, while it may not be the safest place, the people there are generally fun and easy to get along with. Her America's shaking things up and I think she's fitting right in. I'm glad the meme people are just so nice, really. I'm glad she's getting into the community that's been pretty fun and kind to me in the past few months.

Aly's been responsible for all the enabling lately and today, I've managed to debut Canada at the meme, too. It's been fun. He's witnessed America do a weird dare and he's been meeting some people as he tries to figure out what to paint. I'm really hoping that I'm doing okay with him, because I'm getting this feeling that he's really turning into a passive-aggressive jerk, lol. I want my Canada to be generally nice and pleasant with that quiet passive-aggressive side, but I think he's becoming the opposite. Someone want to reassure me about this? Or agree with me that yes, he's a jerk and I should be more conscious about that and to turn it down. Canada. Y U DO DIS. I think I just took that new random headcanon last night (i.e. "When America pisses Canada off, he steals something from him and it can be as big as his car or the whale. He always gets away with it. But when America really, really pisses him off, he returns them. Then he watches America freak out about poltergeists stealing his stuff.") and ran with it. Canada, you psychotic, passive aggressive son of a bitch. I was making his LJ earlier and I have this icon of his that has the keywords "Yes, I'm the nice one." and I was like, "No you're not." PFFFFT. OTL

Military Kink meme was also launched at [community profile] the_love_hotel  earlier last week and of course Aly and I were EXCITE. It didn't matter that Aly made the meme, it was still pretty exciting, because UNIFORMS. How can we not be? And of course it meant more whoring, lol. I was most excited about it, however, because it managed to coax Prussia out after eluding me for so long. He just JUMPED OUT because HELLZYEAH. UNIFORM. And we all know the guy looks gorgeous in a uniform. He's got some interesting tags, one from [personal profile] icepicktothehead which turned out pretty interesting. The Mun's even contacted me about continuing stuff with them if I wanted and of course I did. They turned out really cute! He also got tagged by a fem!Germany and this OC that I've always been kind of wary about ever since they tagged me before. I ended up PMing them to tell them that I'd prefer it that we didn't tag because I really had no idea how Prussia would RP with their character. I really didn't mean to be mean but... I just find it hard to RP with them. Yeah... I also got a tag from Aly's Cecil, of course, and I'm really excited to work on that. I hope we can continue that soon!

Imperio woke up earlier today and now he's demanding that I do his tags that I've ignored. He's also pissed that I let his icon package expire and he's eyeing me about letting his paid account go too in a few days. He's not a happy Muse. Nuh uh. He has no choice but for me to have to deal with his issues tomorrow, though, as it's time for bed.

Ugh, long weekend is over. Not that it really affects me, but still. I like having that holiday feeling so I won't have to think about the upcoming job interview this Thursday. God I hope I get that job. First things first though. I need to know how to get there, but for now, some sleep is in order. Muses will have to wait (yes, even you, Isabel. You know Aly's asleep anyway and you won't get to talk to Germany until tomorrow...).

Goodnight! <3
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So life has been pretty active in the RP front, which is exciting and kind of sad at the same time, haha (RL! Why are you so fail?! OTL).

I've really settled into things in the [personal profile] aphanon_meme and I've given some of my muses a home. I'm actually quite fine with the meme and its relaxed pace. I don't think I could really get into a real game again. Games nowadays just seem so demanding and I get so bored easily. Looks like I'm really just for private threads and personal RPs now. And the meme.

I also currently have so many new muses from Hetalia, namely Denmark ([personal profile] that_denmark), Canada ([personal profile] the_maple_man), Romano ([personal profile] italian_amore), fem!Spain/Isabel ([personal profile] bailadoraenroja) and England ([personal profile] godsavesarcasm). They all just came out of nowhere after [personal profile] proteuswings and I started blabbing all about Hetalia and everything. We've even started pairing them up! Denmark's with Lightning and they got a miracle baby after a lot of beatings and jokes. Canada and Tifa are boyfriend and girlfriend according to Joaquin. They bond over feeding Kumajirou and hockey injuries. Canada's also pretty taken with Tifa's boobs LOL. Romano is getting along with Cissnei. He is being very Italian and also quite awkward. It's a good distraction from all the FAIL the Spains bombard his life with. It's bad enough that Spain is with Kain, but then Isabel is with the Potato Head (Germany). Well, not yet, but it seems to be heading toward that direction. Isabel seems quite taken with Germany and finds his awkwardness just plain adorable. She's usually a very affectionate and loving person so she has to turn it down a little, not wanting to chase Germany away, but she can't help herself sometimes. The Spains seem to have a thing for tall, blond and awkward lol. Ah, and England is now apparently with America. It's making my OTP heart scream in protest, but they're adorable, gosh.

Things seem to be progressing steadily for the older muses. Spain and Kain are engaged and getting married sometime. They have little Joaquin as their son. They're generally quite happy and content. Prussia and Cecil are going through problems as their relationship is kind of rocky at the moment, given that Prussia has broken up with Cecil over his insecurities and not wanting to make Cecil angry and sad. They're slowly working things out. Sweden and Imperio have a truce over Dany. Yeah.

I think that's it? I have other stuff I wanna talk about but... Might get awkward. lol Maybe next time.


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